Posted by: haserena | May 8, 2008

B.C.I.T. D.A.I.N

D=Digital, A=Art, I=Industry, N=Night! April 30th, 2008!

Last year, I wasn’t really sure what I was signing myself into when I applyed for BCIT Digital Animation. Now, I feel the same pressure that some of the previous grads have gotten over. It seems like yesterday, when I went to my first industry night event which was at Radical.

Here are some of the lists of people who graduated

-a year before: (not in particular order)

1. Nathan Fitzgerald (Animator)-

2. Simon Chan (Environment Artist)-

3. Lydia Koh (Character/Environment Artist)-

4. Andrew Stewart (Animator)-

-for more check out=

-this year:

1. Devon Brooks (Environment Artist)-

2. Robin Spence (Animator)

3. Trevor McEwan (Animator)

4. Erik Tryggvason (Environment Artist)-

5. May Low (Animator)-

6. Arif Pribadi (Character Modeler)-

7. Daniel Morgan Walsh (Animator)

8. Richard Ma (Environment Artist)-

+Plus some neat New Media Designs:

1. Kristian Guilfoyle (Photographer)-

2. Gale Franey (Graphic Art)-

3. Kevin Hsu (Web Design)-

4. Gene Chan (Graphic Art)- _gene

5. Tiffany Leung (Graphic Art)-

*I know there are a lot more creative artists out there. Please drop their site down on my comment.


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Poetic tickering thoughts

written: March 2nd

Because I can’t pretend you are smiling


I see your eyes are tearing

You look away, your thoughts are running

You sigh, you yawn to stop them coming

You wonder, you gaze just to stop thinking

You bundle up, you pretend to listen or sing

You try to laugh but it knots the insides

You wonder from places to places

I see this, and yet I don’t know what to do

I don’t know the cause, what to say is right

To hug, to lie, to impress, to be honest

In some way just for a small smile


*The truth is the most cherished memory is your sweetest home to start from. There you will never lose who you are. If you don’t have any fond memories then embrace your values in a good way, and create a new meaningful story for it. For example, if you like trains then build one, work in one, just do something profound for it, for you and others – something you will never forgot. Not a train wreck because it is a false love of revenge.


Dedicated to the girl on the bus with an upbeat, friendly and adventures personality but I was scared to see her arms with more than ten scars etch across.  




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Hey everyone…

Welcome to Serenster’s world of Imagination. Here you will see some of my random drawings and gossips as a full-time digital animation student.